Technique Tuesday: Take a Dip

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After 597,191 views this year (and counting!) on of our Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia recipe, we can take a hint: You like fish with a flavorful coating. Lucky for you, there are tons of tasty combos you can put together, and not just for fish (we used chicken below)! Here’s the how-to:

Cashew-Crusted Chicken

Step 1: Dunk your fillets, cutlets, shrimp, etc. in your dipper of choice and shake off the excess — too much and the crust will get soggy.

Step 2: Coat with your dredger. There’s just one rule: Match thin dippers (oil, milk) with fine dredgers (flour, grated cheese) and pair thick dippers (yogurt, mayo) with coarse dredgers (nuts, crushed chips).


Dippers from thinnest to thickest:





Egg whites

Beaten Egg

Teriyaki Sauce

Maple Syrup


Barbecue Sace





Dredgers from finest to coarsest:




Cooked quinoa

Grated hard cheese

Shredded coconut

Crushed cornflakes

Crushed potato chips

Crushed tortilla chips

Crushed saltines

Chopped nuts

Crushed spices


Now, some recipes to get your started:

Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Fingers

Rice Cracker-Crusted Tuna with Apple Slaw


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