A Birthday Cake for Isaboo

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Last night, Rachael celebrated her #1 pooch, Isaboo’s 9th birthday with a delicious doggie cake that looked good enough for humans!



The adorable cake was made with ground lamb, barley, carrot and parsley. And don’t worry, that frosting isn’t full of sugar. She whipped together cream cheese, beet juice and bacon crumble to create the pink topping–delish! If that doesn’t scream “puppy love,” we don’t know what does!


Check out some of Rachael’s other custom Isaboo recipes, like Isaboo’s Bacon-Cheese-Barley Burgers and Isaboo’s Butternut Squash Mac and Cheddar. Maybe you can make them for your pet’s birthday, too!

Canine Critic Rates Rach’s Puppy Suppers

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First We Feast Canine Taster

Photo by Liz Barclay


At Every Day with Rachael Ray, we’re no strangers to reader feedback. We were surprised, however, to learn that we have a doggie critic. This week, the food site First We Feast published a thorough and thoroughly opinionated review of our pet-friendly recipes, from the canine point of view. It was so rigorous, in fact, that a special rating system called “Wagat” (five tail wags is tops) was put in place to rate our puppy suppers, which, the human author noted, can be eaten by man and best friend alike (pictured). The recipes tested include the cheesy Cinco de Mayo Bowl, the refreshing Power Pooch Smoothie, and meaty Dog Sliders. To find out which ones Oscar (and his owner) liked best, and to view a slideshow of really cute pics and video chronicling the pup’s reactions (did we mention they’re really cute?), click here.

—Gabriella Gershenson, Food Features Editor


First We Feast Canine Taster 2

Photo by Liz Barclay



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