Flashback Friday: Behind the Scenes at NYC Burger Bash

Written on September 13, 2013 at 9:00 am , by

The New York City Burger Bash is one of Rachael’s favorite events of the year. A few years ago, Rach and friends welcomed 20 meat masters who fought for first place, while everyone else ate, drank, danced and enjoyed the delicious aromas of the night. Rach mingled with Bobby Flay, who won the People’s Choice Award and tons of other Food Network stars! Read on to see who made it to the party.


Giada DeLaurentiis and her hubby, Todd.

Katie Lee stopped by, who apparently opts for a burger with just American cheese. Now that’s minimalism at its finest!


And Anne Burell and Alex Guarnaschelli, who talked about the crazier side of burgers, such as condiments like Kimchi and fried squid. Yum!

It was definitely a night to remember. What’s your favorite way to eat a burger?


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Burger Battle Royale: The Best Restaurant Burgers in the United States

Written on August 8, 2013 at 12:07 pm , by

Burger Battle Royale

There are burgers… and then there are restaurant burgers: those over-the-top concoctions built for maximum wow and deliciousness. To find the best of this special breed, we tapped the country’s top chefs— all recent regional winners of prestigious James Beard Awards—to share the burgers they devour most on their home turf. Then we tracked down the recipes, cooked up a storm and cast our votes. The result: Our (slightly simplified) recipe for the best burger in America, plus 51 more of the coolest, craziest, most crave-worthy burgers to ever grace a bun— and how you can make your own burgers better!

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52 Burgers in the United States You Gotta Try

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Burger Battle Royale: Best of the Northeast

Written on July 23, 2013 at 12:00 pm , by

BurgerBattle_Chef Tim Cushman



of O Ya, Boston, MA

Find out more about this James Beard award-winning chef atjamesbeard.org.





Tim Cushman’s Top 5 Favorite Burgers in the Northeast

1. SPICY TUNA BURGER Parish Cafe, Boston, MA  

Fresh tuna seared and slathered with soy glaze and sriracha-spiked mayo.

Spicy Tuna Burger

Photo by Charles Masters


2. NEPTUNE BURGER Neptune Oyster Bar, Boston, MA  

Fried oysters, garlic mayonnaise and relish top this beefy burger.

Neptune Burger

Photo by Citysearch Boston via Foodspotting


3. BURGER MY WAY Deep Ellum, Boston, MA 

Smoked tomato aioli, bacon-onion jam, aged cheddar and homemade pickles.


Photo by Elena A. via Yelp


4. APOCALYPSE NOW BURGER Nosh Kitchen Bar, Portland, ME  

Crispy pork belly, foie gras, cherry jam and mayo.

Apocalypse Now Burger

Photo by Erik T. via Yelp



Breaded pork patty with sake-braised pork butt, seared foie gras, shiso cabbage slaw and a sweet-savory sauce.

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Burger Battle Royale: Best of the Southeast

Written on July 22, 2013 at 12:00 pm , by

BurgerBattle_Chef Linton Hopkins



of Holeman & Finch, Public House, Atlanta, GA

Find out more about this James Beard award-winning chef at jamesbeard.org.





Linton Hopkin’s Top 4 Favorite Burgers in the Southeast


1. DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER Holeman & Finch Public House, Atlanta, GA  

A double stack with red onion, American cheese, homemade ketchup, mustard and bread-and-butter pickles.

Double Cheeseburger


2. HUSK CHEESEBURGER Husk, Charleston, SC  

Two slim bacon-infused patties with sliced onions, melted American cheese and tangy sauce on a benne-seed bun.

Husk Cheeseburger

Photo by Byron Magedanz via Foodspotting


3. 50/50 BURGER Seven Lamps, Atlanta, GA

Grassfed pancetta burger with cheddar cheese, onions, pickles and thousand island dressing.

50/50 Burger

Photo via sevenlampsatl.com


4. TENNESSEE STACK The Oak Bar at the Hermitage Hotel, Nashville, TN

Pepper jelly, sweet onions and hot mustard on a double burger.

BurgerBattle_Chef Hugh Acheson




of Five & Ten and The National, Athens, GA
and Empire State South, Atlanta, GA

Find out more about this James Beard award-winning chef at jamesbeard.org.





Hugh Acheson’s Top 5 Favorite Burgers in the Southeast


1. BOCADO BURGER STACK Bocado, Atlanta, GA  

Two juicy beef patties band together with melted American cheese and homemade pickles.

Bocado Burger

Photo by Charles Masters




3. APACHE-STYLE DOUBLE BURGER Grind House Killer Burgers, Atlanta, GA  

A griddled patty on a potato bun with pepper jack, grilled onions and roasted New Mexico green chiles.

Apache-Style Burger

Photo by Adrienne L. via Yelp


4. GRASSFED BEEF BURGER Farm 255, Athens, GA  

Topped with Tennessee cheddar, bread-and-butter pickles, chicken-liver mousse and dijon mustard.


Photo by Sean P. via Foodspotting


5. CHEESEBURGER ADD Drug Store, Athens, GA  Small, simple cheeseburgers with crinkle-cut fries and ketchup and mustard on the side.


Photo by Hank R. via Yelp

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Top 5 Most Popular Junk Foods

Written on July 21, 2013 at 9:00 am , by

Last “Fill in the Blank Friday,” we asked you what your favorite junk foods are and based on your spirited responses, here are the top five junk foods you crave. Go ahead and indulge, after all it is National Junk Food Day–the best day of the yeaaar!

Best Day of the Year


1. Potato Chips

What’s not to love about crunchy potato chips? Perfect as a snack or accompanying a sandwich, these hot potatoes pack flavor and crunch into an awesome one-bite package. Here’s a little trivia for you, did you know the average person eats the equivalent of 96 one-ounce bags of chips a year. (That’s 6 pounds a year.) Whether you spread your potato chip consumption out over the whole year or make it all happen today,  try one of our homemade chip recipes. You’ll be able to customize them exactly to your liking and you’ll never run out of delicious crisps again.

Get the recipes: Chips
Potato Chips

via dumpaday.com


2. Pizza

I can understand why pizza is considered a “junk food,” but I also refuse to accept it as such. Regardless, pizza is clearly amazing. In fact, approximately 94 percent of Americans eat pizza on regular basis. So have a love affair of your own and cook up one of our easy and delicious pizza recipes at home ASAP.

Get the recipes: Perfect Pizza Dough and Grilled Pizzas


3. Cheeseburger

We love burgers and so do you. With all the different variations out there though it can tricky to find your ultimate recipe. So we’ve taken the guesswork out of recipe searching and testing with our Ultimate Burger Recipe Finder Tool. Just answer four quick questions and we’ll find the perfect recipe for you.

Try it out: The Ultimate Burger Recipe Finder [Tool]

via giphy.com


4. Ice Cream

In the United States, the average person consumes an average of 48 pints of ice cream a year, more than any other country. This is totally understandable though as even lizards know how good ice cream is. No matter which flavor is your fave though, we have an ice cream sandwich recipe you’ll be sure to love.

Get the recipes: Super-cool Ice Cream Sammies

Ice Cream

via giphy.com



5. Chocolate

Just look at that gif. Enough said.

Get the recipes: A Year of Chocolate




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Burger Battle Royale: Best of the Northwest

Written on July 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm , by

BurgerBattle_Chef Gabe Rucker





of Le Pigeon, Portland, OR

Find out more about this James Beard award-winning chef at jamesbeard.org.



Gabe Rucker’s Top 5 Favorite Burgers in the Northwest


1. SLOWBURGER Slow Bar, Portland, OR  

Melted gruyère, butter lettuce, pickle relish and beer-battered onion rings.


Photo by Charles Masters


2. HALIBUT FISHWICH Matt’s in the Market, Seattle, WA  

Fried fish patty, bacon, pickled peppers and tartar sauce on a brioche bun.

Halibut Fishwich

Photo by Elise G. via Yelp


3. PALEY’S BURGER Paley’s Place, Portland, OR  

Ground-to-order patty with homemade pickles, mustard aioli and ketchup.

Paley's Burger

Photo via paleysplace.net


4. BIWA HAMBURGER Biwa, Portland, OR  

Colossal beef patty topped with roast pork and spicy kimchi mayo.

Biwa Burger

Photo by @T21D0 via Foodspotting


5. LAMB BURGER Broder, Portland, OR  

Mint-and-cumin lamb burger with herbed goat cheese and pickled onions.

Lamb Burger

Photo via broderpdx.com


Get the entire “Burger Battle Royale” story here


Burger Battle Royale: Best of the Great Lakes

Written on July 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm , by

BurgerBattle_Chef Bruce Sherman



of North Pond, Chicago, IL

Find out more about this James Beard award-winning chef at jamesbeard.org.





Bruce Sherman’s Top 4 Favorite Burgers in the Great Lakes region


1. VIE BURGER Vie, Western Springs, IL  

A 21-day dry-aged beef patty grilled over a wood fire with aged Wisconsin cheddar, homemade pickles, bacon and tempura mushrooms on the side.

Vie Burger

2. JAMBURGER Jam, Chicago, IL  

Two beef patties paired with mild local butterkase cheese, a fried egg and smoked tomato sauce.


Photo via jamrestaurant.com


 A double stack tricked out with griddled onions and homemade pimento cheese on a squishy steamed bun.

Pimento Cheese Burger

Photo via bigjoneschicago.com

4. DOUBLE CHAR BURGER Edzo’s, Evanston, IL  

Hand-ground chuck grilled with cheddar, mushrooms, bacon and onions.

Double Char Burger

Photo via edzos.com


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Burger Battle Royale: Best of New York

Written on July 17, 2013 at 12:00 pm , by

BurgerBattle_Chef Dan Kluger



of ABC Kitchen, New York, NY

Find out more about this James Beard award-winning chef at jamesbeard.org.





Dan Kluger’s Top 5 Favorite Burgers in New York

1. “OFF-MENU” BURGER Gramercy Tavern, Manhattan  

An off-menu special with aged cheddar, pickled cipollini and grainy mustard.

Off-Menu Burger

Photo by Charles Masters


2. AKAUSHI CHEESEBURGER ABC Kitchen, Manhattan  

A wagyu beef burger with raw-milk cheese, pickled jalapeños and arugula-basil-chive mayo.

Akaushi Cheeseburger

Photo by Nelson W. via Yelp


3. BASH STYLE BURGER Burger & Barrel, Manhattan  

Smoky-sweet onion and bacon jam on a burger dressed with a garlicky, spicy sauce.

Bash Style Burger

Photo via burgerandbarrel.com


4. BARK BURGER Bark Hot Dogs, Brooklyn, NY  

It’s all about the creamy special sauce on this angus burger.

Bark Burger

Photo by Mohammad R. via Yelp


5. BACON CHEDDAR BURGER Perry St., Manhattan, NY 

Bacon, melty cheddar, homemade Russian dressing.

Cheddar Bacon Burger

Photo by Tiff T. via Yelp


Get the entire “Burger Battle Royale” story here



Burger Battle Royale: Best of the Midwest

Written on July 16, 2013 at 12:00 pm , by

BurgerBattle_Chef Tory Miller



of L’Etoile and Graze, Madison, WI

Find out more about this James Beard award-winning chef at jamesbeard.org.





Tory Miller’s Top 5 Favorite Burgers in the Midwest


1. GRAZE BURGER Graze, Madison, WI  

Rich, winey caramelized onions and super-rich beef on a squishy bun.


Graze Burger

Photo by Charles Masters

2. BEET AND WALNUT BURGER Graze, Madison, WI  

A veggie burger made of ground beets and walnuts topped with cucumbers, tomatoes and dill-flecked yogurt.

Graze Beet and Walnut Burger

Photo by Sam Egelhoff of Graze

3. BRICK BURGER Village Bar, Madison, WI  

Thick slices of brick cheese, a cheddar- like local specialty, seasoned salt and a juicy beef patty on a no-frills bun.

Brick Burger

Photo by Jessica H. via Yelp



4. BOB’S BAD BREATH BURGER Weary Traveler Freehouse, Madison, WI  

A garlicky organic burger piled with cream cheese, green goddess dressing and sweet Jamaican Pickapeppa sauce. Don’t forget your mints!

Bob's Bad Breath Burger

Photo by Sokheun P. via Yelp


5. LAMBWICH Honeypie, Milwaukee, WI  

Ground lamb, local Creama Kasa, a triple- cream-style cheese, and red pepper– oregano oil on a grilled focaccia bun.


Photo by @chuckt via Foodspotting



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#30DaysOfBurgers: Bacon-Burger Melts

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Here we are at the end of our “30 Days of Burgers,” and we saved this juicy, mouthwatering burger for the end. Behold this burger beauty–a burger and grilled cheese combo topped with bacon!

Bacon-Burger Melts

Get the recipe: Bacon-Burger Melts

Rach loves burgers and so do we! Celebrate summer grilling season with us by following our burger bonanza! Each day in June, we shared a different, juicy and delicious burger recipe, so you can get creative and never make the same burger twice. Find all of our “30 Days of Burgers” on pinterest.


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