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Ice Cream Sandwiches Galore!

Written on August 2, 2013 at 11:18 am , by

To celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, we’re sharing these gorgeous ice cream sammies that are layered with grown-up flavors, but will still make you feel like a kid on summer vacation.

 Start with a double dose of sea-salt-sprinkled brownies, then add a chunk of coffee ice cream and a ribbon of fudge sauce for our Salted Brownie Sundae Bites. Talk about “sundae” best!

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 These party-perfect Pistachio Neapolitan Cakewiches make a bold statement without a lot of work. Just sandwich ice cream between two layers of cake, freeze, then cut into bars.

 We’ve taken what you love most about the classic pie — tangy lemon filling, perfectly browned meringue — and put it in a portable form in this Lemon Meringue Hand Pies.

Forget cookies and milk. We’re upgrading to this combo: cakes chocolate cookies, a scoop of minty ice cream and a swipe of fluffy frosting in our Chocolate Mint Stacks.

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