Saturday Supermarket Smarts: Battle of the Rice

Written on March 15, 2014 at 10:00 am , by

Rice is one of the most versatile, affordable and easy-to-use ingredients, ever. But with so many versions at the grocery store now, how do you know which type is the most cost- and time-efficient? Let’s explore the options.


The Product

Traditional, instant, boil-in-bag and fully cooked rice all have their pros and cons, but we found that instant rice is light, clump-free and super speedy to cook. Pour the par-cooked rice into boiling water, turn off the heat, cover, and in 5 minutes you’re good to go.


Why You Should Buy It

The convenience and goof-proof results are worth the prep time of just 11 minutes and price of 19 cents per oz.


How You Should Use It

Cutting out cooking time means you’ll have more time to spend on carefully crafting a recipe. Here are some ideas that utilize the convenience of instant rice:


Gingery Chicken Fried Rice


Sweet and Saucy Shrimp and Green Beans with Rice


Chocolaty Rice Pudding




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Saturday Supermarket Smarts: National Frozen Food Month

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Did you know March is National Frozen Food Month? Not only is this a great excuse to keep your freezer fully stocked, but also it gives you a reason to try some great freezer-aisle products. So before you head to the grocery store this weekend, make sure to check out these two new breakfast items that deserve a prime spot in the ‘ol ice box:


Good Food Made Simple Breakfast in a Bowl pairs bacon, sausage or veggies with egg whites for a fab fuel-up. ($3.49)




Made with organic eggs, cheddar and bell peppers, PJ’s Organic Denver Breakfast Burritos are portable A.M. meals. ($3.39)

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Saturday Supermarket Smarts: Vegemite

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In the brand-new March issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray, we share eight delicious toast topper ideas. One of them is Vegemite Toast, a classic salty Aussie spread that is finally hitting it big in the U.S. But what the heck is this stuff?


The Product

Vegemite is an Australian breakfast staple, which celebrated its 90th birthday last October and is still going strong.


Why You Should Buy It

Made from brewer’s yeast, the super-savory, slightly nutty spread has a concentrated flavor and a tarlike texture, so a little bit goes a long way.


How You Should Use It

Vegemite toast is the most classic use, but also try stirring a tablespoon of the umami-rich condiment into a Bolognese sauce, or mixing a few tablespoonfuls with honey and EVOO to make a marinade for grilled chicken.



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Saturday Supermarket Smarts: Egg Whites

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Before you head out to the grocery store this weekend, make sure you know which egg whites are most cost- and time-efficient.

The Product

It may seem tempting to buy a box of egg whites, but fresh whites come with some savings and a built-in bonus: yolks!


Why You Should Buy Them

Fresh whites are not only half the price of packaged whites, but also their pure eggy flavor and fluffy texture make the effort of separating your own eggs well worth it.


How You Should Use Them

Use the yolks for mayo, pudding or carbonara sauce so none of your egg goes to waste. Then use the whites in these following recipes:



Cheesy Baked Spinach and Egg Whites with Bread and Fruit

Key Lime Meringue Pie

Passion Fruit Fizz Sour

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Supermarket smarts: Peanut butter

Saturday Supermarket Smarts: How to Pick the Perfect Avocado

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The best guacamole is made with creamy fleshed Hass avocados at the peak of ripeness.

Here’s how to pick ‘em:



1. Look for a forest-green fruit. Darker skin means riper flesh.


2. Cradle it in the palm of your hand and gently squeeze. Guac-ready fruit will give slightly.


3. Flick off the stem. If it pops off easily and what’s underneath is bright green (brown means it’s overripe), you’re good to go!

Once your avocados are ready to be used…


Spread ‘em on toast with eggs for the perfect protein-packed breakfast.


Blend ‘em up with sweet ingredients for an Avocado Semifreddo.


Or, mix ‘em up with all sorts of ingredients for 11 different twists on guacamole!

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Saturday Supermarket Smarts: Peanut Butter

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With new products hitting the grocery stands every day, it’s hard to keep up with the latest food trends. Have no fear; we’re here to help! Each week, we’ll be highlighting a new product that’s worthy of a spot in your shopping cart and your kitchen.

The Product

At only $0.22 per ounce, jarred peanut butter comes in a variety of flavors and textures. Comparably, fresh ground peanut butter costs $0.27 per ounce and takes time to prep before you can grab it off the shelf!


Why You Should Buy It

It’s convenient, it’s cheap and if you pay attention to labels (beware of sugar and hydrogenated oils), you’ll find many natural options that are as pure as the fresh ground version.


How You Should Use It

Though we’d never turn down a classic PB&J, peanut butter makes a great addition to dips, sauces and desserts:


Peach-Jam-Glazed Shrimp with Spicy Peanut Butter Dip

Peanut Chicken Noodles

Peanut Butter Fritters

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Saturday Supermarket Smarts: Cocoa Buffs

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New hot chocolates are pushing the kiddie classic in delicious new directions–and leaving plain powdered mixes in the dust. Here are our six favorite new mixes. BYO marshmallows!


Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cups

The old-school packets catch up with the times thanks to these single-serving cocoa capsules. No need to stir out the lumps–the machine takes care of that for you! $8.79 for 12 servings

Ghiradelli Chocolate Caramel Premium Hot Cocoa

The San Francisco chocolate company does its classic hot chocolate mix one better by blending it with sweet, buttery caramel. $4.89 for 9 servings

Chuao Chocolatier Deluxious Dark Drinking Chocolate

A cocoa for true chocolate lovers: This powdered mix has big chunks of Venezuelan dark chocolate that melt into a rich, smooth cup. $15.95 for 9 servings

City Bakery Hot Chocolate

New Yorkers are hooked on this Manhattan cafe’s decadent mix of heavy cream, whole milk and dark chocolate. Thanks to these handy cartons, now the rest of the country can taste what all the fuss is about. Just heat and drink! $3.99 for 2 servings

Land O’Lakes Arctic White Hot Cocoa Mix

Instant cocoa lightens up with this sweet, creamy white-chocolate blend. Simply add hot water, stir, then sip. $5.49 for 12 servings

CocoaPlanet CocoaMint Chocolate

Delicious straight out of the package, these peppermint-flavored organic dark-chocolate disks can also be stirred into hot milk to make a refreshing twist on hot chocolate. $2.99 for 1 serving

Written by Robin Jones

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Saturday Supermarket Smarts: La Tortilla Factory Multi Grain Soft Wraps

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With new products hitting the grocery stands every day, it’s hard to keep up with the latest food trends. Have no fear; we’re here to help! Each week, we’ll be highlighting a new product that’s worthy of a spot in your shopping cart and your kitchen.

The Product

La Tortilla Factory Multi Grain Soft Wraps in October’s special pink breast cancer awareness product edition.


Why You Should Buy It

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When you buy these nutritious and versatile (and pretty-in-pink!) wraps, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation gets 25 cents of each purchase. Each wrap contains 12 grams of fiber, and you can feel even better about eating these multi grain wraps because they’re made with Rach’s favorite: EVOO!


How You Should Use it


These wraps make a sturdy base for Chicken Tortilla Pie.


As a snack or light meal: Cheesy Shrimp Tortillas go perfectly with the wrap’s subtle flavors.



The best way to start your day is with a Crispy Mediterranean Breakfast Wrap. La Tortilla Factory’s crisp up beautifully!


With so many great options, we’ll be buying these wraps all month long!


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Refresher Course: Portable Cocktails

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Knocking back a cold beverage outdoors is one of summer’s great joys. Chill out with seven new drinks that are perfect for picnics—or wherever your day takes you.

Supermarket Spy Cocktails_Jul 2013

1 COCKTAIL RX MOJITO Be the toast of the town at your next potluck with a batch of mojitos. Just add rum and ice to the disposable shaker and you’ll be slinging cocktails like a pro. ($7.99 each; serves 8)


2 MIKE’S HARD LEMONADE FROZEN POUCHES Keep your freezer stocked with these bags to toss in your beach tote—by the time you’ve applied sunscreen the slushies will be thawed just enough to slurp! ($1.99 for one 10-oz. pouch)


3 STACK WINES These classy, stackable pop-top cups come in four varietals. Think concerts in the park. ($12.99 for four 187 ml cups)


4 FETZER WINE ZIPZ GLASSES Major League ballparks like Turner and Citi fields are selling these plastic “goblets” of red and white wine. Bring one to your next sunset toast. ($4.99 for one 187 ml glass)


5 KAHLÚA ICED COFFEES Brunching with friends? These small cans are a fun replacement for traditional iced coffee (and can fit in your purse). ($9.99 for four 200 ml cans)


6 LEINENKUGEL’S SUMMER SHANDYS It’s lemonade. It’s beer. It’s both! This adults- only seasonal blend is sweet, tart and ideal for your next weekend excursion or concert tailgate. ($14.99 for twelve 12-oz. cans)


7 BUD LIGHT STRAW-BER-RITAS Who says camping means bringing the bare essentials? Pack these beer-margarita concoctions on your next trip into the woods for a no-blender-required happy hour. ($12.99 for twelve 8-oz. cans)


By Ariana R. Phillips 
Photo by Levi Brown 


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